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Deal With Troublesome Teeth

Tooth Extractions

If you have a painful tooth, extraction may be the best way to resolve the issue at Clear Smile Dental Studio. Dr. Park and Dr. Kwon always use extractions as a last resort, but in some cases, it may not be possible to repair the tooth. It may be best to simply extract and replace it to restore your smile and eliminate your pain and discomfort. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with our office in Stamford, CT and get help right away.

Understanding The Basics

Tooth Extractions & Wisdom Teeth extractions

Wisdom teeth extractions are the most common type of tooth extraction. They may be necessary if you don’t have enough space in your mouth for your wisdom teeth to come in. The wisdom teeth are our third set of molars. 

The wisdom teeth are a natural part of the mouth, but they come out much later in life, around the age of 17-25 in most cases. Because of this, many people don’t have space to accommodate them, which can cause a higher risk of oral infections and other complications.

Tooth extractions are also necessary for teeth that have been severely damaged by oral disease or injuries and cannot be saved with treatments like root canals or crowns.

The process of extracting these teeth is known as a “basic” or “simple” extraction. Our dentists in Stamford will numb your mouth and clean the treatment area, and administer sedation at our office, if needed. 

Then, they will use special tools to loosen the tooth in the socket. When the tooth is loose enough to remove, they will pull it out, then clean and stitch up the area so that it can heal. After this, you’ll be sent home to rest and recover.

Tooth extraction in Stamford

Surgical Extractions For

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom tooth has not completely erupted (emerged from your gums) a surgical or “complex” extraction may be required, since the tooth cannot be removed with a simple extraction. 

In this process, Dr. Kwon or Dr. Park will clean and numb your mouth, then create a small surgical incision in the gums near your wisdom tooth. Through this small opening, the tooth will be cut into pieces using a special dental drill, and will be removed piece-by-piece. When the tooth has been completely removed, the incision will be cleaned and stitched shut.

Recovery Time

After A tooth extraction

Depending on your health, how many teeth you’ve had extracted, and some other factors, it will take up to 2 weeks or more to heal from the tooth extraction procedure at our Stamford office. Your mouth will be mostly healed after about a week, and you should be free of symptoms like pain, bleeding, and swelling, and your mouth will feel mostly normal after 2 weeks.

Dr. Kwon or Dr. Park will provide you with a set of instructions you will have to follow as you heal and recover. Make sure to follow these closely to avoid common complications like “dry socket” and minimize your overall recovery time.

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