Single Tooth Dental Implants in Stamford

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Restore Missing Teeth Permanently

Single Tooth Implants

 If you’re missing one or more teeth in Stamford, CT, Clear Smile Dental Studio is here to help. Dr. Byungchul Park and Dr. GiTae Kwon specialize in single tooth implants, and we can permanently replace your missing teeth. Schedule a free implant consultation at our office today! 

Understanding The Basics

What Are Single Tooth Dental Implants?

A single tooth dental implant is used to restore one missing tooth in your smile. It consists of a titanium dental implant, which is surgically placed where your missing tooth used to be, and a dental crown, which is attached to the implant once it heals.

Single tooth implants are the best way to restore your smile if you’ve lost one or several teeth, as they look and feel completely natural, can last a lifetime with proper placement and dental care, and are considered a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth at our Stamford office. 

Single Tooth Dental Implants in Stamford

How Do I Know?

Are Single Tooth Implants Right For Me? 

If you are missing one or several teeth and have a healthy mouth and jaw, single tooth implants are definitely the best way to restore your smile. Compared to other alternatives like partial dentures and dental bridgesthey have numerous benefits. They look and feel more natural, require less specialized dental care, and help support and strengthen your jaw bone.

To find out if single tooth implants are right for you, schedule a consultation at our Stamford dental practice today.

What Can I Expect?

The Single Implant Process

The process begins with a consultation at our office. If Dr. Park and Dr. Kwon approve you for treatment, they will begin planning your treatment right away. You’ll come into our office in a few weeks, and have your dental implant placed. Your Stamford dental implant specialist will clean and numb the area, then place a small titanium dental implant directly into your gum and jaw bone. The implant site will then be cleaned and sutured shut.

You’ll be sent home to heal. It will take 3-6 months for the implant to bond permanently with your jaw bone. You’ll come in for a few follow-up appointments during this time. Dr. Park or Dr. Kwon will examine your healing progress, and take impressions of your smile to begin crafting your implant-supported crown.

Once your mouth has fully healed, you’ll come into our Stamford office for your final appointment. Dr. Kwon or Dr. Park will attach your crown to the dental implant, completing the procedure and restoring your smile.

Stamford Single Tooth Dental Implants

Recovering After Surgery

What You Need To Know

Proper post-surgery recovery is critical for ensuring that your mouth heals properly after your operation. Our Stamford dentists will give you a comprehensive set of recovery instructions, which you should follow to the letter to ensure you heal properly. 

It usually takes about 1-2 weeks to heal from the initial placement of your implant. However, it takes 3-6 months for your implant to bond permanently with your jaw bone through the process of “osseointegration.” It’s very important to allow your implant to fully heal and bond with your jaw to ensure that it bonds with your bone properly and becomes a natural part of your mouth.

Replace your tooth and complete your smile!