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For Healthy Gums

More than half of all adults have periodontal (gum) disease, and many are not even aware that they suffer from this issue. Gum disease is the leading cause of premature tooth loss in adults, so recognizing it and getting help from a dentist in Stamford like Dr. Park or Dr. Kwon is essential for your oral health. Read on for more information, or schedule a consultation at Clear Smile Dental Studio now.

Understanding The Basics

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal or “gum” disease, is a chronic bacterial infection of the gum tissue. This happens when patients do not brush and floss properly at home or see a dentist for teeth cleanings, and bacteria-filled plaque and tartar build up between the gums and teeth.

Over time, the bacteria in the plaque and tartar will begin infecting and attacking the gum tissue, resulting in gum disease. Proper at-home oral hygiene and regular dental visits with our Stamford dental office are essential for minimizing your risk of developing gum disease.

Periodontal patient with gum disease

Explaining The Stages

Of Gum Disease

Gum disease is usually broken up into three different “stages,” known as gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis. Gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, results in minor inflammation in the gums, but is reversible and can be completely cured with proper at-home dental care and periodontal care from a Stamford dentist. It causes no permanent damage to your mouth.

Periodontitis, the second stage, causes irreversible damage to your gums and the support structures of your teeth, and it can never be completely “cured.” However, it’s possible to manage it with routine periodontal cleanings and good at-home oral care. This will eliminate its symptoms and prevent further damage.

Advanced periodontitis, the final stage of gum disease, almost always requires surgical intervention to restore your gums and teeth, and many teeth may be damaged beyond repair and require extraction.

Common Signs of

Gum Disease

The signs of gum disease are a bit different, depending on the stage. Gingivitis usually has symptoms like inflammation and discoloration of the gums, as well as minor gum sensitivity, bleeding when brushing and flossing, and halitosis (bad breath).

As the disease advances into periodontitis, you will typically notice lengthening of the teeth caused by gum recession, increased sensitivity when chewing and biting, and quite a bit of blood while brushing and flossing. 

In the final stage of “advanced periodontitis,” your teeth may fit together differently, feel loose, or one or more teeth may fall out completely. You may also notice a foul taste in your mouth, pus buildup between the gums and teeth, and a lot of pain when chewing.

Gum disease gingivitis

Get The Care You Need

Personalized Treatment Plan in Stamford

If you have gum disease, personalized care is essential for the best possible outcome for your case. At Clear Smile Dental Studio, Dr. Park and Dr. Kwon can recommend treatments like deep cleaning (scaling & root planing), antibiotics, and surgical intervention to eliminate or control gum disease, and ensure you can maintain your oral health. Contact us now to schedule a consultation at our Stamford office and get the help you need.

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