Why Does My Dentist Want to Give Me Preventative Fillings?

If you go to the dentist and they recommend that you get “preventative fillings,” you may be a bit confused about what this means. Aren’t fillings only meant to treat decayed teeth? Why would you need a filling if you don’t have a cavity? And is it really necessary to get a preventative filling? Get answers to all of these questions and more in this blog from Clear Smile Dental Studio. 

What Is A Preventative Filling? 

As the name suggests, a preventative filing is intended to fill a tooth before a cavity has formed. This term is actually a bit of a misnomer. More accurately, preventative fillings are called “pit and fissure sealants.”

This procedure is sort of a cross between a dental filling and traditional dental sealants. In this process, Dr. Kwon will use a tooth-colored sealant material to fill up very deep pits and grooves within your tooth. Usually, this is glass ionomer composite (GIC), but some other materials may be used.

This differs from a filling because no tooth material is removed, and no decay is present. And it differs from a dental sealant because the entire tooth isn’t coated with sealant material. Only the pits and grooves within the tooth are filled, rather than the whole tooth. 

Why Would I Need A Preventative Filling?

It may seem silly to get a filling when you don’t have a cavity. But the reason to get preventative fillings is in the name! When applied properly and in a timely manner, they can protect your tooth from decay, and eliminate the need for a filling or a dental crown in the future.

Most of the time, preventative fillings are recommended when you have really deep grooves, fissures, or pits in your molars. The molars are meant to have these anatomical features, since they help crush and grind food.

But unfortunately, they can also be prone to cavities. It’s hard to clean these fissures and pits, so food particles, bacteria, and acid can build up and lead to cavities in the rear teeth. This is common in both kids and adults.

By getting a preventative filling, you can seal up these pits and grooves, ensure that your tooth is easy to clean, and completely avoid decay. This is a particularly good choice if you have a history of cavities, or you have genetically weak enamel that’s susceptible to decay.

Not only is the process of a preventative filling faster, cheaper, and less invasive compared to a traditional dental filling, but it also ensures that you’ll have an easier time keeping your teeth clean. So if your Stamford dentist recommends pit and fissure sealants, take their advice. It will save you time, money, and headaches in the long run!

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