What To Look For In A Dental Implant Specialist

Interested in dental implants in Stamford? Getting implants is a complex and relatively expensive procedure that takes multiple dental visits and a long healing and recovery period, so it’s important to make sure you choose the right dental implant specialist for your treatment.

But how can you know whether an dental implant specialist Stamford will offer great care? That’s a great question, and in this blog from Clear Smile Dental Studio, we’ll discuss the top things you should look for while you search for a dental implant specialist.

1. A Friendly, Approachable Dental Team

Getting a dental implant involves several checkups and follow-ups throughout the procedure, so you’ll be working with your dental team closely during this time. For that reason, you should choose a dental team that’s friendly, approachable, and will discuss everything you need to know about the implant procedure.

This will help you get your dental implant treatment with confidence. It also doesn’t hurt to choose a local Stamford dentist who is close to your home or work, since this makes your frequent visits much more convenient! 

2. Deep Expertise In Implant Dentistry

Technically, any dentist can learn to place dental implants without a special degree or certification. But some dentists have more experience and training than others when it comes to implant dentistry.For example, Dr. Gitae Kwon is a faculty member at GIA – Gangnam Implant Academy, where he uses his years of expertise to provide continuing education to other dentists on the topic of dental implant surgery. 

3. Options For Single-Tooth, Partial, And Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Some implant dentists only offer single-tooth dental implants, which uses a dental crown to restore one missing tooth. 

If you have complex dental health issues, you should look for a Stamford dentist who can offer other treatments, such as implant-supported dental bridges to restore multiple missing teeth. Similarly, research a dentist who can execute a full-mouth reconstruction, which uses a set of implant-supported dentures to replace an entire mouth of missing teeth. 

4. Excellent Patient Reviews & Testimonials

Looking at online reviews and testimonials from previous patients helps you get an idea of an implant specialist’s approach to dentistry. You’ll be able to learn a bit more about what they do, what previous patients thought of their experience, and other relevant details. 

5. Financing Options For Your Treatment

Dental implants are a big investment, so it can be helpful to find a dental implant specialist that offers financing options to split up the cost of your treatment, such as CareCredit, LendingClub and Compassionate Finance.

We offer all of these financing options at Clear Smile Dental Studio, and we also work with all major insurance providers, though coverage is usually limited or unavailable for dental implants. Learn more here and see how we can help you budget for dental implants in Stamford.

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Dr. Park and Dr. Kwon are experienced implant dentists, and can provide you with the expert dental care you need to restore your smile permanently. So don’t wait. If you’re interested in dental implants in Stamford, just contact us online or give us a call at (203) 883-4451 today. 

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