How Dental Implants Strengthen Your Jaw Bone

While most people think of dental implants as a solution to replace missing teeth, they actually have a much greater impact on your overall dental health.

For instance, you may not know of the positive effects that dental implants have on your jaw health, and how this ties into making your entire oral health better and stronger. If you are considering getting a dental implant in Stamford to replace missing teeth, here’s how this procedure can improve and strengthen your jaw bone as well.

How Tooth Loss Impacts Your Jaw Bone

Lack of teeth can make your jaw weaker over time and lead to the tissues in the jaw bone to shrink. The simple act of chewing can help send enough blood to this area, and the blood vessels contain essential nutrients and oxygen that keep your jaw in top condition.

When a tooth is missing, the jaw area underneath is not getting enough blood, which over time can make it shrink. Unfortunately, the damage is not always contained just in the area of the missing tooth. With time, even the surrounding teeth can be impacted by jawbone loss, and actually increase the risk of further dental issues, such as more tooth loss.

This is why people who’ve had missing teeth for years will often need a bone grafting procedure. If there is a lot of bone loss, it means there isn’t enough tissue left for the implant to properly hold, so the surgeon must first restore the jaw bone mass before proceeding with the dental implant.

How a Dental Implant Impacts Your Jaw

The dental implant is contracted to look and function just like a regular tooth. It’s made of three components:

  • A metal post that acts as the tooth root
  • The abutment which connects the root to the crown
  • The dental crown, or the visible part of the dental implant

The metal post is inserted into the jaw to replace the missing natural root. Then, you will go through a process known as osseointegration, during which the metal root practically binds with the jaw bone. Once the process is complete, the metal post offers the jaw bone the same level of support that a natural tooth would, and helps get blood flow to this area every single time you chew.

As a result, the dental implant can give you back your full smile, and help restore your overall dental health by keeping the jaw bone healthy, on top of its other benefits:

  • Increasing your self-esteem
  • Improving the way you speak
  • Helping you chew your food properly, etc.

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